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Reiki Charged Creativity(Lapiz Lazuli crystal) Candle

Reiki Charged Creativity Candle with Lapis Lazuli crystal, himalayan salt and dried flowers and uplifting scent empowers your senses, helps find your inner peace, intuition, and wisdom. It activates the higher mind and enhances intellectual ability. *Over time, crystals will slowly sink into the wax & may touch the wick and put the flame out. Gently push the crystal back to the side of the glass. When finished & wax is cool, wash the crystals with water & they are yours to enjoy. ⭐️ DID YOU KNOW: Crystals have been used for centuries in cultures all over the world to enhance balance and positivity into our lives. Crystals can be millions of years old and have extraordinary energy and unique vibrations. Enjoy their beauty & vibe